How to make your porch decorations rock!

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How to make your porch decorations rock!

When it comes to porch décor, rocking chairs can instantly transform any home's appeal by adding a warm, welcoming feeling. And when it comes to Halloween, rocking chairs can play an intricate part of your decorating theme. Rocking chairs can add a hint of spookiness or add to festive Halloween charm.  Either direction you decide to go, you will assuredly end up with a spirited and delightful look, no pun intended.

skeleton in rocker

For the spooky side of things, you will have a lot of options.  You can take cobwebs and place it across the back of the rocker.  For an extra added creepy effect, add in a few fake spiders! Or why not place a fake skeleton in the chair?  A popular, albeit more advanced option is to rig up a mechanism that rocks the chair back and forth to make it seem as if the skeleton is engaging the rocking itself.

pumpkins and rockers

Maybe you are not the spooky décor type, but more the traditional fun Halloween lover.  There are many options for this style, mostly revolving around the feeling and the love of nature. You could choose to place carved and uncarved pumpkins of multiple sizes in and around the rocking chair, with a festive fall quilt draped over the back to add both a color pop and a contrast.

Many like to incorporate the use of fodder shocks into their Halloween and fall displays.  Why not stand some fodder shocks up next to your rocking chair?  In the chair itself, add some smaller straw bales, some pumpkins, and some mums.  Then place the same types of items at the base of the fodder shocks to bring the whole ensemble together as one.

Rocking chairs are not just for sitting on porches during the warmer months of the year.  They are fast becoming residents of those same porches year-round and are being used as the focal point for decorating through each and every holiday season. Whether you partake in a warm and welcoming Halloween theme or a spooky scary porch of horrors, a rocking chair will prove to be the perfect centerpiece for your decoration fun!