Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday

We’ve all seen the adorable photos of children posing with the Easter Bunny, but not everyone knows how Easter Sunday went from a Christian holiday of Jesus rising from the dead to Easter baskets, candy, a big furry bunny and eggs.

Christians celebrate Easter because it is the day that Jesus rose from the dead after being crucified on the cross for their sins and then rose to new life. The symbol of “new life” that is represented on Easter can be related to our furry, long-eared friends because they have been known to be a symbol of new life
and beginnings through their habit of procreating quite often and plenty!


During the 13th century, eggs became a fun tradition as a symbolic marking of the end of lent as they were not allowed to be consumed during Lenten season.
Over time, the symbolic usage of bunnies and eggs developed into a delightful celebration for children all around the world where they hunt for candy stuffed eggs, receive Easter baskets filled with goodies and get visits from the Easter Bunny himself! We encourage the importance of teaching our children the true meaning of Easter Sunday, but not to withhold the fun that comes with these fun, albeit unintended traditions.

Easter cupcakes

If you're looking for ideas to celebrate this Easter, why not take the opportunity to bake some yummy Easter cupcakes for the kids! They can easily be stored outdoors in one of our Country Coolers and chilled on a stack of ice cubes. Or use candy stuffed Easter eggs for a fun picture-perfect moment!

Children Easter Egg hunt
Take advantage of our wooden décor section  with wheel barrel planters, wishing wells, buckets and so much more that make the perfect hiding spot for decorated eggs waiting to bring a smile to your children’s face this Easter Sunday! Any way you choose to celebrate, from our family to yours, we wish you a most egg-cellent Easter!