What puts Leigh Country rockers a step above the rest?

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What puts Leigh Country rockers a step above the rest?

Porches are a plenty here in the south, and for every front porch there's a rocker that goes with it. Like peas in a pod, a porch isn't a porch without a rocking chair as everyone loves relaxing outside in the shade on those long hot summer days. But with so many rockers to choose from, how do you know which type of rocker is best for you? 


For starters, you want comfort. Rocking back and forth is actually a great form of light exercise and relaxing for both the body and the noggin. With that in mind, Leigh Country is the home of the patented Z-frame rocker, specifically designed for better back support and rocking comfort. Its Z-frame allows for a steeper angled incline of the back panel, as well as greater leverage for rocking. Both result in improved comfort and rocking compared to the standard H-frame style rocker.

Pre-checked wood

The next important factor is quality. Before shipping, our rockers go through a rigorous inspection process that includes the pre-checking of our wooden pieces for anti-splitting effects.  With the intentional addition of a crevice in the wood, this allows space for natural shrinking or expansion without the possibility of splitting through.

Nut & Bolt System

We also include a nut and bolt system that allows for quick loosening and tightening of the bolts for a much smoother, hassle-free assembly. But most importantly, a rocker's style should reflect that of its owner. Leigh Country offers a wide variety of rocking chairs including 8 collections of different styles and designs. 

Custom Back Panels

Standard rockers use bar slats that can be uncomfortable, but our rockers feature flat slats.  This construction allows for an extra amount of surface area to lean on and to rest more comfortably.

Our rockers feature unique back panels, which sets them apart from the competition, including a plain back panel, a star cutout, a fleur-de-lis medallion, and a star medallion.  Our medallions are constructed of cast aluminum, making them strong, durable, and lightweight.  Each medallion has a powder-coated finish, and we offer the ability even to design your own style.

Whatever your style may be, a rocking chair can often be the finishing touch to your home porch, patio or garden display.  Whether your taste in décor is southwestern, mid-western, or rustic, we are sure to have the perfect new rocking chair for your whole family to enjoy.