How to Make a DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath

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How to Make a DIY Wagon Wheel Wreath

How is everyone doing? Are you enjoying your summer? Maybe you’re wrangling with a problem that just won’t fix itself. Don’t forget to step back, take a deep breath, and relax. Sometimes, it’s necessary to stop and smell the roses – except we can’t!

Have you noticed that flowers these days don’t have much of a scent? Flowers have been selectively grown and bred for longevity, beauty, and size. Unfortunately, careful cultivating flowers for their appearance left their various, sweet aromas behind. It’s always a bit of a disappointment to barely catch a whiff when we bring beautiful petals to our noses.

Even if you can’t smell ‘em, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their beauty! We purchased a few flowers and decided to turn one of our wagon wheels into a cute wreath. It’s a charming accent décor that brightens our day.

Wagon Wheel Wreath

Our standard wagon wheels come in three sizes:18", 24", 30" and 36". We also have a 36″ deluxe wagon wheel with extra texture. For this DIY, we tied wet floral foam to one of our 24″ wagon wheels. This helped us stick our flowers into position as we like.

How to Make a Wagon Wheel Wreath Steps

If you’d like to create a similar design without getting your wheel wet, you can wrap a wire around bundles of flowers to easily manipulate around your wreath base. Please take caution if using glue to attach real or artificial flowers – wood is porous, and adhesives may discolor your wheel!

Finished Wagon Wheel Wreath

Do you like floral or decorative projects? Let us know! Maybe in the future, we’ll post DIY tutorials to share how we like to use our furniture at home. These flowers may be temporary, and may not make our houses smell nice, but they sure do look great! Even better, small projects like this wreath make an excellent activity to help us appreciate the beauty of life.