Let summertime begin!

The last day of school is the best day of school. // Photo by moshep04 at Morguefile.com

Today is the first official day of summer! School’s ended, that Texas sun is beating down, and the flip-flops are coming out. You’re setting up sprinklers, and your kids are running through ‘em. Lemonade stands are popping up on street corners and endless rounds of tag are being played until the sun starts to set. While the weather’s fine, family time and togetherness take top-priority.


We at Leigh Country value family above all else. The best things in life we inherit from our families: love, kindness, compassion, strength, and respect. We want to help foster those values while being with the ones you love. Summertime is the perfect time to be together, enjoying each other’s company.

Unfortunately, not everyone is always a willing participant. Dad is off fishing, Mom’s baking her famous key lime pie, while the kids are tethered to their video game. It’s forget to live in the moment and to relish the presence of the people around you. We need reminders to slow down, have fun, and truly cherish each other.

Summertime is the best time!

Summertime fun // Photo by frank mckenna at Unsplash.com


This summer we’d like to introduce Authentic Country Living, our online lifestyle guide. Authentic Country Living will provide tips, tricks, and ideas for all things family and outdoors. All the ideas you need to encourage everyone to get outside will be right here. Now we know you’re already authentic country, so let’s do some living!