Close-up of rooster head. Words read" Welcome to Cluck Corner"


Hi! I’m Catherine, the resident chicken whisperer (okay, not really – I just own a few of them) at Leigh Country! Are any of you chicken lovers? Whether it’s because chickens have the fluffiest, goofiest attitudes or because they and their eggs are so delicious, we can’t help but adore them! Hopefully, together you and I can share our growing knowledge (and pictures!) about chickens and how to care for them! And if you’re only familiar with how tasty chickens can be, that’s fine, too! We’ll catch you up here at Cluck Corner.


Close up of the head of a Plymouth Rock hen

This is a Plymouth Rock Barred American Large Fowl. Whew! What a mouthful!


I got my first set of chickens a year and a half ago. My family and I found a lovely family selling pullets (pullets are very young hens) two hours away from the city.  We piled into a car with a cardboard box and drove into the morning sun. At the farm, we chose our chickens and gently tucked them into our makeshift cage.


Pullets, aka young hens, in a cardboard box lined with wood chips and newspaper. Little chicks ready for a home!

Precious little pullets!


We bought six because we’re ambitious chicken raisers and we wanted a big chicken family – and lots of eggs! Speaking of eggs, did you know that they come in a large range of colors? From a very deep, almost black brown to olive, green, white, cream, and even blue! Don’t believe me? Take a look!


Beautiful fresh eggs in a variety of colors, ranging from white, cream, tan, light brown, brown, and even blue-green!

What an egg-cellent variety!


Before any new chicken enthusiasts decide to adopt their own family of chickens, I must urge you to research, research, research! Chickens make wonderful pets, are a great source of small income and nutrition, and they deserve to be properly cared for. Borrow a few books and utilize the internet to become a quick study on the topic before you set up your coop – after all, we don’t want you to count your chickens before they hatch *wink*! Some cities have strict restrictions on backyard chicken raising, so check your city ordinances, as well. However, the popularity of raising backyard chickens on the rise, cities across America are considering loosening restrictions on raising chickens within city limits. We can’t stop crowing about this increased interest!


Chickens chowing down in their trough inside a chicken coop.

Sneaking a peek in the hen house!


Whether you have a chicken family or not, you’re welcome to see what the Cluck Corner hens are up to, and how we have fun doting on them with DIY projects and life hacks!

Hope to see you soon,

Catherine at Cluck Corner