Centerpiece for Independence Day

Our Fourth of July flower arrangement!

We smell smoke – and flowers!

We hope you’re having a wonderful time this summer! Hopefully, you’ve been more successful at avoiding the heat than we have been. One way to distract ourselves from it is decorating for upcoming holidays – and the next one is the Fourth of July!

When we think about the Fourth of July, one of the first things we think about is fireworks. Fireworks are a timeless way to celebrate. Did you know they were used to celebrate the Fourth of July during the American Revolutionary War? Philadelphia celebrated the Fourth of July in 1777 with a 13 cannon display to create a grand exhibition of fireworks. Have you bought your fireworks already? Or are you like a few of us, holding tightly onto our wallets until next Tuesday night?

While fireworks are loud, iridescent flowers of the sky, we created a smaller, quieter display of our own! We designed a Fourth of July arrangement to share with you. The way the African Lilies spread is very reminiscent of fireworks! We threaded these beautiful “explosions” high above some white lilies, white pincushions, and red carnations. For just a splash of extra patriotism, we also sprinkled in some deep blue calibrachoa.

Do any of our wonderful readers design flower arrangements as well? Share your creativity, and send us pictures of your beautiful arrangements! The more red, white and blue it has, the better!

Enjoy the flowers this week – explosive and perennial!


Fourth of July Flowers

African Lily

Fourth of July Flowers

White Lily

Fourth of July Flowers

White Pincushion

Fourth of July Flowers

Red Carnation

Fourth of July Flowers

Blue Calibrachoa