Few things are as Authentic Country Living as made-from-scratch cornbread, cream gravy, and homemade grits. It’s not easy to find these finger-lickin’ delicacies the way your momma used to make ‘em, but you can always be sure Cracker Barrel has ‘em, and done right. With 645 locations nationwide you can be assured that their homemade comfort food is always a hop, skip, and a jump away.

We at Leigh Country are life-long fans of Cracker Barrel. Whether we’re having breakfast for dinner, or just stopping by for a slice of Coca-Cola® Cake and cup of coffee, we can we found at any Cracker Barrel in a 100 mile radius (Houston is big y’all). That’s why we are so proud to announce our partnership with Southern favorite Cracker Barrel!


Cracker Barrel Logo


Cracker Barrel’s mission is pleasing people, and we are pleased as punch to know our products are now available in their online store. Our rockers, end tables, windmills, and even Coca-Cola® coolers are all available online!
Click here to see our Aspen Rocker in Cracker Barrel's store!
Click here to see our Welcome Bench in Cracker Barrel's store!Click here to see our Amber-log Rocker in Cracker Barrel's store!Click here to see our Char-log Rocker in Cracker Barrel's store!Click here to see our Country Cooler in Cracker Barrel's store!Click here to see our Char-Log End Table in Cracker Barrel's store!











Click any of the above images to shop these items at Cracker Barrel’s online store!


















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We’re particularly proud of our rockers being in their store. Cracker Barrel is known for having a row of relaxing rockers waiting for you outside their store and restaurant. We’re absolutely thrilled to know our rockers made the cut.

Also, from now until Labor Day, Cracker Barrel is doing something really amazing with their rockers: Operation Rocker. Operation Rocker is helping building strong, stable, and secure military families in a partnership with Cracker Barrel’s flagship nonprofit partner, Operation Homefront. For every adult rockers purchased on Cracker Barrel’s website, Cracker Barrel will donate a rocker to Operation Homefront as part of the Operation Rocker program!

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Last year, Cracker Barrel was able to donate over 700 rockers. We are so absolutely honored to know that the purchases of our rockers will help contribute to deserving families. Cracker Barrel has supported numerous military-focused programs over the years, and by supporting the families of those serving in U.S. armed forces, they can make an even deeper, more meaningful and lasting impact. We are nothing short of blessed to know that we have an opportunity to assist Cracker Barrel in making that impact.

We encourage you to join Operation Rocker this year and purchase our rockers online at shop.crackerbarrel.com and help make military families part of our Leigh Country family!