To be the leading outdoor living solution for every home, we believe that happiness comes from being with those you care about most. Creating affordable products that bring people together in a natural setting is how we bring that familiarity back to your own home.

Our Core Values

Every team member is committed to going above and beyond in answering our customers’ needs to the best of their abilities.
Encourage team members to work together to develop professionally and to accept all challenges for the betterment of the company. As a family operated company, we treat each member of the team as family.
Our products are carefully crafted, built for easy assembly and tested for their intended use before they are delivered to our customers, because we know that a quality product will keep our customers coming back!
We understand that “me too” products clutter the market. This is why we continue to expand our product line by creating and reinventing products combining old rustic designs with today’s changing demands. Whether you own small shop or a large chain of retail stores, we promise to find value for every type of dealer.
We aspire to keep our products at a great value so that more customers are able to enjoy authentic country living.

Leigh Country™ is and will remain committed to Authentic Country™ Living. Leigh Country™ and its series; Char-log®, Aspen, and Country Cooler are products of United General Supply Co., Inc.