In our Charlog products, each of our logs go through a complex process to be treated. They are first stripped of their bark, then put into a kiln for curing. This will keep the logs from molding. After a few hours in 100+ degrees, they are then hand-torched, wire brushed, and dipped in polyurethane to preserve the integrity of the wood. That polyurethane adds UV protection, which protects the finish from fading in the outdoor, and from molding when wet, so you can use it outdoors all year!
We’d love to! But we can’t. We are currently licensed with 19 different colleges. Although we love every team from the Dallas Cowboys to the Winnipeg Jets, without the license, it’s not possible. We encourage our fans to check back every so often, as we keep adding schools to our roster every year! You can also email us at help@ugsco.com to let us know who you’re rooting for, and with enough requests, we may be able to apply for your team’s license!
We stand behind all our Leigh Country products, but we know manufacturer defects can happen. You can call us at 1-877-87LEIGH (1-877-875-3444) Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST. To start your warranty claim, and for a faster response, please email us at help@ugsco.com. To see if you quality for our warranty, we will ask for a proof of purchase (shipping label or receipt), as well as photos of the damaged area. If your purchase was made within 30 days of your claim, the part and shipping are complimentary. After the 30 days, and within 1 year, the part is free but shipping is the customer’s responsibility. This only applies to manufacturer defects.

If you are a retailer, please let your account manager know of any pervasive issues.

Item’s without prices are exclusive to specific retail partners. Check with a local store or with one of our online partners to see if they have the product you’re looking for!
We welcome everyone into our family with open arms. All we require is that you have a good attitude, and that you fill out these forms:

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United General Supply Co., Inc (or simply UGS) is Leigh Country’s parent company. Texas based and family operated for over 30 years now, UGS is also the proud owner of hardware brands such as LeeTools and Lee Pro Tools.
Why, yes we do! We have a Leigh Country showroom at 9320 Harwin Dr., Houston, TX 77036. The downstairs is our hardware store, Lee Tools, that’s been around since 1984. The showroom itself is upstairs. That location is sort of sentimental and historic for us, waving the same Texas flag for 30 years. Come by and see us!

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